Tomorrow, April 22, 2021 is the 10th day of Ramadan. 🥣

I have meeting with my product owner “Ali”, to inspect my product and to verify the accomplishment of my tasks. ✍

I am ready. 🦾

First of all I work hard to this project, So I am so excited to see the result of my project.👩‍💻

Every new business startup hopes to begin with a positive outcome and high investor confidence thet also know about crypto priced.

Cryptocurrency nowdays revolutionized the whole way in which we transact every value.

Be Honest.

I respect people that tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.

A day without honesty is like a day without Sunshine.

Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is not just the best policy for simplicity, it is the only policy. True simplicity is unattainable without it. And that’s the truth.

Honesty is breath of love from the gods of the skies.

Honesty can save your life when you are i trable and can help you find solution your problems.

I am kind and I’ m honest.

In our futures we should be honest and kind .

Honesty is important in our life and we should be kind with the other people. Hhonesty and the kind maked our life easy facilitate for exemple to get some thing like a job, friends, relationship the communication with others even your parents.

When someone needs help and you can do something to him just do it, be human. But sometimes we be silly with some special people, we don’t care for something not important for me.

You must be kind and honest in…

Today is a great day, it’s a new experience, I’ am in the senior phase as a developer 💻.

I have a challenge, work on team while one week with new people.

Mahdi and Nadhem but we miss some one in our groupe he is Achref. But we did’ nt find any problem with numerical shortage, every thing is good, we will better tomorrow we have alot to do and to work on it.

So in our team we have Nadhem is the scrum master. first of all what does it mean scrum master devoted to the management of web projects, software development or applications to improve the productivity of a team.

Nadhem is accountable for establishing Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide, he do this by helping everyone understand Scrum theory and practice and he is accountable for the Scrum Team’s effectiveness.

To day, I wake up at 7 AM , I wear a comfortable clothes, so after that i go to RBK and the baging of th sprint it s Somewhat easy because only step and we shoud flow and on the lunch I eat coscouss with osben with ahmed , after that on the 30mn break we go to the other lab and we do with the coch the sports os Tai Chi it was good and relaxing and then when I taype this simple word My phone run hoes that person It s my lovely My mum that s…

I achieved what I am working on and dreaming about.

So, I have a Big company it is a nice and perfect company in my my country first of all I love all of my team ,and I respect evrey one ,they also respect each other , I save him where ever they want. also I have some rules ,But when some one he does not respect the rules the first time it’s oki second time also, but next time I will Punish him, but nicely of course. because I don’t like some one work in my company us a team when he is angry. that will be not good in his work. and I give everyone their rights.

Love U My Team❤❤❤❤❤

You are responsible for managing a group of 10 people deal with bad attitudes :

* To deal with a group of 10 person is not an easy task because they has diffrent oppininon and diffrents point of views .

If I have problems with them because they were behave bad , I will be strict with them and punich them for evry mistake they did , because in that way they will be more responsible for what they are doing and be aware for what they will do in the future .

I think in that way they will hate me at first but after days they will reconize that I did such good things to make them better and make them behave well .


Hello my little, so prototype chains like something works like a machine it has engine has Various pieces works together and they resemble that pieces.

Rihem Ben Saad

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